TSMGI Helps NASCAR Bring iRacing to Chicago

In a unique opportunity, TSMGI is excited to work with NASCAR, iRacing, and the City of Chicago to create a virtual street course in Downtown Chicago.

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Industry Insights: Sports Marketing During COVID-19

Nine months ago, the sports and entertainment industries were turned on its head when COVID-19 forced the NBA to push pause in its season. Now, sports are back but teams and brands are still looking for ways to adjust. Our team of experts share their insights and how we’re helping our clients evolve.

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re-imagining fairs and events

The Wisconsin State Fair took a new approach to their beloved summertime festival. Read on to learn how the Fair celebrated its fair food favorites and branded merchandise in a fun and safe way.

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With business travel drastically reduced, it is a challenging time to keep the interpersonal interaction many salespeople pride themselves on. Over the past few years, TSMGI has been developing robust ecommerce solutions for many of our clients, allowing their sales team to access branded gifts at the click of a button and ship them around the country. What is ecommerce and why should your company consider going the virtual route? We explain here.

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Brands + Culture + Twitter = Impact

A new study shows just how much consumers want brands and culture to mix.

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