Promotional Merchandise – Special Event Retail Program





Showcasing the capabilities, innovation and superior service TSMGI could provide as the official merchandise provider of the “world’s largest music festival”, Summerfest (located in Milwaukee, WI).


TSMGI earned the account by demonstrating exceptional product designs, creative item selections, original merchandising, and assertive marketing strategies.

TSMGI’s groundbreaking sales and merchandising offerings, including investing in a permanent retail sales building located in the heart of the festival grounds, and creating a state-of-the-art mobile retail pod, facilitated sales in a much more consumer-friendly manner.

The unique product selection and designs were featured in local print and broadcast media coverage.

As a result of this promotional products campaign, TSMGI exceeded all sales projections and received the ultimate endorsement from its client by securing a 7-year contract to be the official merchandise provider/retail partner for Summerfest through 2019.

As of 2017, TSMGI and Summerfest have extended their relationship even further with the construction of a new Summerfest Store and an exclusive merchandising agreement through 2022.