Staying Connected to Employees, Clients and Customers Remotely


With business travel drastically reduced, it is a challenging time to keep the interpersonal interaction many salespeople pride themselves on. Over the past few years, TSMGI has been developing robust ecommerce solutions for many of our clients, allowing their sales team to access branded gifts at the click of a button and ship them around the country. What is ecommerce and why should your company consider going the virtual route? We explain here.

We all recognize the important role e-commerce plays in our lives today, especially in the current challenging environment. Did you know that TSMGI operates several dozen webstores for clients across a variety of industries, both B2B and B2C?

Corporate branded merchandise is a great way to build employee morale and to enable employees to show their company pride. TSMGI can create a virtual store for your employees and customers to meet your specific business objectives.

Each user-friendly webstore is customized to client specifications, including application of brand guidelines, adherence to technical and privacy requirements and proprietary webstore access for certain customers.

The TSMGI Promotions team collaborates with each client to select the right merchandise and apparel to feature, and determines sizing, print colors, quantities, and pricing. TSMGI can customize many elements for our clients, including preferred shipping vendors, payment methods (credit cards, purchase orders, or gift cards), and promotions for specific occasions, items, or time periods.

Products can be predetermined and inventoried in one of TSMGI’s warehouses or custom designs made-to-order.
The e-commerce platform also allows for robust real-time reporting, so clients can see what employees and customers are buying most.

If you want to discuss how our e-commerce solutions can help you drive your brand image, contact Jordan, who can put you in touch with the right team member.