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Jordan Bressler 2

Everybody wants the next great thing. Even us. So we were just a small sports marketing company that developed a promotions division and then added an event marketing division all united by one simple common thought:

“We want to create stuff that’s valuable. And honest. And worth making in the first place. We want to have fun while we’re making it. We want to achieve what’s never been done before. And we want our competitors to find us really, really annoying; in fact, completely irritating.”

Only a few years ago we started out as a rebel, the upstart. And there’s still something about us that hasn’t gotten complacent or turned into the old guy sitting in the beautiful office tower somewhere. We have minimal layers of management. No bureaucracy. No massive global headquarters, even though we plan to be a massive global company. We treat each other like family, not an impersonal hierarchy.

We think big, but don’t act it. We’ve brought that thinking into markets that were glutted with compromise. And we became, in essence, the stronger alternative. The stronger alternative by making things that work a little better, last a little longer, are more fun to operate and be around than other things.

We believe that “VALUE” isn’t a dead concept. That those moments of “WOW” are still possible. That EXCITEMENT isn’t extinct. And that the next great thing is right around the corner and that corner is closer than we think. Which brings us to today.

–Jordan S. Bressler